Shin Toho


Shin Toho was formed by Zen Nippon Iaido Renmei as series 5 katas from different schools. Nishio sensei used to teach these regularly on his seminars around the world as a supplement to his own Aikido Toho Iai.

Shintoho - Maegiri 1995, Viborg, Denmark

Shintoho - Kiriage 1995, Viborg, Denmark

Shintoho - Shiho giri 1991, Viborg, Denmark

Shintoho - Sengogiri 1995, Viborg, Denmark

Shintoho - Kissaki gaeshi 1995, Viborg, Denmark

Due to the varying styles in the All Japan Iaido Federation, a set of common techniques, or waza, were created in 1956 to examine a practitioner's skill in a fair manner, each borrowed from five major styles in the Federation. This set is known collectively as "Tōhō" (刀法):

  1. Mae-giri from Musō Jikiden Eishin-ryū, founded during the late Muromachi period - ca. 1590
  2. Zengo-giri from Mugai-ryū, founded in 1695
  3. Kiri-age from Shindō Munen-ryū, founded in the early 1700s
  4. Shihō-giri from Suiō-ryū, founded during the early Edo period - ca. 1615
  5. Kissaki-gaeshi from Hōki-ryū, founded during the late Muromachi period - ca.1590

Zen Nippon Iaido Renmei Toho Iai 

Perfomed by Kono Hyakuren