The objective of ENATO is to promote and support the study and development of the Aikido Toho Iai created by Shoji Nishio sensei.

Following the passing of Nishio sensei in 2005, and the subsequent dissolvement of the Aikido Toho Kenkyu Kai in Japan a group of European students of Nishio sensei assembled in Hradec Kralove in Czech Republic to discuss how to support and carry on the sword work of Nishio Sensei. 

As a result ENATO was formed to support Nishio sensei's groups in Europe in the pursue of aikido toho iai.

ENATO support by:

- offering a clear curriculum around aikido toho iai

- setting technical standards and requriements for examinations

- issuing of examination certificates in ENATO Aikido Toho Iai

- offering technical expertise for seminars and examination support

ENATO currently support groups in Denmark, Finland, France, Czech, Germany and Swiss.